Sunday, April 8, 2007

Folk graphics

So, this vintage needle package was just given to me. Actually, I had to pay a penny; apparently it is bad luck to receive a needle as a gift. Anyhow, the graphic design and illustration is priceless! Why is there a teepee in the background? Where's the relevance to needles? (Yarn is about knitting, not sewing). Why is there such a strong cast shadow under one dog? What is the purpose of that heavy outline around the cat's head? After closer inspection, it seems the landscape is a mural on an indoor wall, and not a vista beyond a deck as I first thought. So then, is the hole to the needles a window? Why then does it look like a mirror? And who did that crazy bad typesetting? Finally, who on earth uses 109 needles!!!? They are almost all still inside.

All these conundrums, and I have to say that they actually add up to a successful package design, just because they are so many and so varied and so... sincere! in their mediocrity. Makes you want to curl up next to the window and sew!

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