Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hot babes in style... sort of.

My friend Erin and I volunteered as models for Swaporama-rama, a totally wacky second-hand clothing and recycled fashions event. It doesn't get more East Van than this. Here we are, all decked out - once again confirming my belief that makeup makes everyone look older. Not so great, when you're over 35! But it was fun, kind of like dressing up for Hallowe'en.

They did creative things with our hair. We sipped on martinis the whole time. Outside, the crowd paid $5 and a bag of old clothes, in return for being able to take away as much as they wanted. There were also stations set up for sewing and altering and silkscreening and so on.

Here's me, just exiting the catwalk as Erin comes on. All the clothes we modeled were designed by locals from recycled fabrics. Some of the outfits were I liked a lot, but unfortunately my favourite of the ones I was to wear - a lavender wrap-around dress - was stolen before I could model it. It sucks that even at a grassroots, all volunteer event like this that someone would be so mean. The poor designer put a lot of work into that dress and didn't even get to show it off.

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