Saturday, April 7, 2007

My first Second Life sculpture

Sugar Seville gave me membership on Odyssey, so now I can start learning how to build stuff. I made this little grove of lollipop trees. Unfortunately I couldn't keep it past the session, because I am still a guest and not really entitled to redecorate the place. Another player told me where I put my grove is supposed to be a walkway soon. But while it lasted I enjoyed sitting there. Here's Jaytri, meditating on the life-decisions her alter-ego Jaleen made this week.

I got hold of a box of wings at a junkyard where they give away free stuff. In there was a pair of transparent batwings, which Jaytri is trying out for fun. I'll take a screenshot soon. I also poked around a bit in other places - I notice most people keep their avatars looking like "normoids", as G calls them. There's this weird selfconsciousness that kicks in - even though we are free to dress as if it's Halloween, SL is a public place and shyness occurs. While mucking about with the freebies, G tried on a free penis - not realizing it was a penis of priapic proportions, one which ignored clothing entirely! There we were, standing in the mall-like atmosphere of the junkyard with strangers shopping nearby, with this huge member suddenly on display. Very satyrical!!! Worse, he couldn't figure out how to take it off! We were eo embarrassed we immediately ported back to the grove to deal with the situation in private. Let me know if you want a screenshot ;)

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