Thursday, April 5, 2007

Second Life again

I didn't think I would find Second Life interesting past the first few hours, but I think I may have been wrong about that! Notice I finally figured out how to get the cybergoth stuff off Jaytri - this is her latest look. Someone I met last night said she looked "ghostly", which is perfect. Ghost in the machine and all. I wish I could make her transparent.

I met up with someone I know from RL, who took me to an artists' compound where he is a member. I'm now a member there too. This place, called Odyssey, houses a gallery with some good art. Finally I find some! A lot of the people are developing highly scripted stuff. Sugar, who runs the place, has this fascinating piece with a chair in it. If you sit in the chair, your avatar gets literally bent out of shape. You have to log out to get it back to normal.

I met a few folks last night, and got a sense of 2nd L being a pretty serious endeavour for a lot of artists, who are moving their RL conceptual practice into the virtual. At some point it becomes difficult to tell the two apart.

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