Friday, April 13, 2007


Here's a shot of Jaytri's wings. I feel a bit self conscious with them. Even though they are subtle, wings of any sort are pretty showy. I wish I could find some that aren't so bat-evil looking, actually.

Last night I got in a discussion with a conceptual artist on SL who asked me casually what my thesis was about. When I told him I studied conservative artists like Robert Bateman the conversation got awkward. There's such a high wall in the art world. I tried to have a sane, intelligent exchange of ideas, but as soon as I got too provocative this person bailed. He - jokingly, I hope - said that representationalism was fascist. So I mentioned a book I'm reading right now that suggests current postmodern contemporary art is a kneejerk reaction to Nazi fascism, and that the jerking knee has gone too far, creating another kind of fascism. I asked what he thought of that idea - and that was the end of the conversation! "I'm going to go help so-and-so..." and off he went. I was left feeling annoyed. Something is certainly wrong in art when we can't even talk about these things without getting weirded out.

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