Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Postcard reference books

I'd like to thank Michael J. Smith for his excellent reference books on Canadian postcards, especially the one on patriotic cards. I'll also point to for the above image, which I'm borrowing somewhat naughtily for this post.
Michael's boks are chock full of colour reproductions and meticulous cataloguing, and are a great resource for anyone interested in illustrated ephemera. Check out his essay about Canadian cards here.


Anonymous said...

What a dismal artist! He didn't even get a maple leaf to draw from, or else it's some previously unknown species of maple. It looks faintly like a sycamore.

-- Roger Reed

Jaleen Grove said...

Hey, be nice to folk art! What it lacks in technique it more than makes up for in feeling.

Jaleen Grove said...

Oh and, this style of maple leaf was not an invention of the artist's. This is how it was drawn on practically everything, even stuff issued by the government.