Friday, June 17, 2011

Local art show

I have this work, titled Sleeping Beauty, in the local  juried art show Art in the County. It is on display until July 3rd, at the Old Town Hall in Picton.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Jaleen in Chinatown

This image was taken June 5, 2011 by Raymond St Arnaud. It is for a book he's making of members and ex-members of the Island Illustrators Society, which I belonged to 1991-1997, and about which I wrote my MA thesis. The location is Victoria's Chinatown. My husband George and I had a studio there, and my Grandad had a very funky old books and antiques shop there too throughout my childhood. The window above my head is a studio (once a gambling hall with secret exits and all) where the designer JC Scott hosted many years of an annual erotic art show (held on April Fool's Day). That's the first or second place I ever exhibited artwork in Victoria. And down Fantan Alley I used to model for my friend painter Glenn Howarth. Incidentally, my rebellious great grandmother was known to run through the alley on a dare, in the roaring twenties, when no respectable white woman would be seen in such a place (opium was legal there once). The fuschia cocktail dress speaks to all that history. The image on my computer is my own artwork, an illustration made in 2001 for User Friendly, where I was staff artist. I showed it at the NY Society of Illustrators in Nov 2010. Thanks to Raymond for the excellent work, Island Illustrators past and present, and Fantan Cafe for keeping the lights on ten minutes longer for us.