Monday, September 19, 2011

Giving a Talk on Robert Weaver Sept 29

Robert Weaver remains one of the more controversial figures in the illustration world. If you're in St Louis, I hope you will come to my presentation:

Blind Spots:
Robert Weaver and Juxtapositions of
Art and Illustration

In the 1950s, renowned illustrator Robert Weaver introduced into magazine illustration a painterliness and immediacy that related it to contemporary art. This put him in the controversial middle between gallery and illustration worlds at exactly the moment when commercial art was being held up by art and culture critics as the epitome of evil. Outspoken Weaver berated both illustrators and modern artists for their respective blind spots, and drove himself to keep looking where others were not. Throughout his life he eschewed singularity of vision for juxtaposition, revealing unseen third meanings. Then, as Weaver developed his interest in the relationship between diachronic and synchronic time and fractured vision, his eyesight began to deteriorate, leaving him seriously visually impaired. Still, he continued making art and speaking out, overcoming his own blind spots. In this talk I will survey Weaver’s career and work, and discuss his all-important defense of illustration as an art form.

Thursday, September 29, 4:30 p.m.
Ginkgo Reading Room, Olin Library, Level 1
Washington University, St Louis



David Apatoff said...

How did it go?

Bill Koeb said...

man, Jaleen, I wish I could have been there. That is a great piece on the post, one I've not seen before. So many different images combined in a way that no one had thought of prior to him.

I often think about doing a book about him and have spoken with others about this. I think really that you should be the one who writes a book on him. Have you any plans in this direction?

Best regards,