Monday, September 24, 2012

Illustration History book survey

In illustration history we have no textbook. Many instructors have been waiting for something, and several people have thought about writing one, but nothing has appeared. Meanwhile, everybody keeps re-inventing the wheel for their individual class, often missing huge bodies of knowledge that they don't have time to research.

In order to help identify the needs of potential users, and the content, scope and format of a textbook, I have designed a survey with Whitney Sherman (who teaches illustration at MICA). The Society of Illustrators in NYC has kindly agreed to sponsor it.

I would like to invite anybody with an interest in historical illustration to fill it out. It's a long survey, because it's thorough; it will take you between ten and 20 minutes, depending how much you want to comment.


Thank you for helping make the illustration history world a more professional place!
Image: Arthur William Brown circa 1945, collection of Society of Illustrators.

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