Thursday, August 29, 2013

Comics critics in Canada, 1940

Well,  here you go everybody - is this the first serious criticism against comics in Canada? In case you're wondering,  Magazine Digest is a fascinating periodical.... mainly a digest of cut'n'paste from other magazines, its Jewish editor and staff slipped in some articles and journalism of their own. The magazine actually sold internationally. And, I say, it operated as a very important Jewish voice - in an almost veiled way - by carefully selecting its contents to reflect the staff's concerns during World War II. It was also a really important employer of Jewish Canadians, and several people who went on to do amazing things got their start there. No matter whether you agree with the author here, this periodical deserves far more attention than it has received - it is now thoroughly obscure.
Oh and the art direction and illustration by Oscar Cahén after the war deserves some attention too...